“The key is to remember you have the key”

The power of the “e” key is this:

You remember you hold the special ability
To empty anything in your life
You hold the key to equilibrium
It’s common to think we never need to empty ourselves
But that’s false!
We are not technology!
We are human beings of the Earth!
It’s all about balance
So when you see the big key with an “e”
It’s just a reminder
(e can stand for Empty, e can stand for Equilibrium, e can stand for Earth!)
That we each have our own “e” keys
We can create in our minds
To empty our minds…
Empty our bodies…
Empty our days…
And when we come together,
We hang out around the big key with an “e”
To celebrate this ability we all have!
And to remind ourselves...
We’re together!
Empty Day forever!

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