We wanted to visualize the spirit of Empty Day.

On the day no one is using social media, we imagined what else they could be doing. We thought about gatherings — picnics, concerts, brunches, parties, leisure, friendship, camaraderie, co-exploration. Often we pictured this outdoors, like in nature — a park, forest, garden, river, or lake. While these are just images, we imagined also the sounds people talking and rustling leaves in the wind.

First, we tried looking to the past ... before social media.

Later, we tried to imagine a more modern version.

Exactly what you do on Empty Day is up to you, but hopefully these images can suggest some possible activities.


Slideshow 1
Image curator: Jason Fulford
Source: Library of Congress
Date range: 1900s–1940s
Slideshow 2
Photographer: Ethan Skaates

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