Empty Day — Images for Download

Share and repost any of these Empty Day images on social media. (Empty Day is a day of no social media. But in order to make this day actually happen, we need to get the word out on social media. #emptyday)

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Exactly what you do on Empty Day is up to you, but hopefully these images can suggest some possible activities.

Download all

Set 1 (archival) .zip
Set 2 (picnic) .zip
Set 3 (sunset) .zip


Sets 1 & 3
Image Curator: Jason Fulford
All images sourced from The Library of Congress, approx 1900s–1940s.

Set 2
Photographer: Ethan Skaates
Models: Sophie, Elliott, Pablo, Mario, Justin, Lily, Octavio.

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